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Web-based Training Opportunities

South Central Public Health Partnership

The State of Louisiana Office of Public Health collaborates extensively with the South Central Public Health Partnership (SCPHP). This Partnership is comprised of three states (Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi) and two schools of public health (Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine and University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health). The SCPHP centers of excellence are the South Central Preparedness and Emergency Response Learning Center (SCPERLC), and the South Central Public Health Training Center (SCPHTC).

The Partnership’s vision is of a prepared public health workforce able to perform the essential public health services and respond to natural disasters, infectious disease outbreaks, bioterrorism, and other public health emergencies. They work with public health practitioners in the partner states to provide trainings tailored to the unique needs of the region. Many of these trainings are hosted on the SCPHP Learning Management System (LMS) which provides access to public health professionals from around the world. The Office of Public Health and the South Central Public Health Partnership have collaborated on an initiative to allow volunteers to access and complete courses on the SCPHP LMS. This reinforces the need for training development that spans across all aspects of public health. All of the courses on the SCPHP LMS are available free of charge. Links to the SCPHP LMS are located in LAVA under the Profile Training section. You must log into LAVA to access these links.

POD Training:

Mass Antibiotic Dispensing: A Primer (Web on Demand)

Mass Antibiotic Dispensing: Streamlining POD Design and Operations (Web on Demand)

Mass Dispensing Sites: A Primer for Volunteers

The POD Game

Shelter Caregiver Training